About Me


The Author


My name is Michela, a feisty Italican (Italian-American). I’m a happy wife and lucky fur-mama of a 7-year-old husky. I love cooking, travelling, crafting things, and teaching yoga. I was born and raised on the western Italian cost, but found my home in Alabama. I strive to live a full compassionate life, inspire others, and celebrate both of my cultures.Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

The Blog

What is an Italican Life? Italican Life is a bilingual lifestyle blog established in 2015. For years the author struggled with finding her identity as a child of two cultures, especially as an expat. One day while in college, a dear friend defined Michela as an Italican. Not an American-Italian (which is a specific American subculture), but Italican. From that moment was born Italican Life, the long process of not simply finding a balance between the cultures, but rather equally embracing them. Italican Life strives to be a global community focused on celebrating both American and Italian traditions, history, food, and cultures.


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